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Questions will consume you constantly as to whether you made the right decision. You will question your decision as to the location, your preferred life style and your previous times spent in this beautiful tropical country; “The Land Of Smiles”.

You must assure when choosing a condo for sale in Pattaya that they satisfy all your needs, whether it be for the purpose of a vacation home for you and your family or a rental investment.

CONDOMINIUM PROJECTS are spread throughout Pattaya.

The major areas for condos for sale in Pattaya:

  1. Naklua and Wongamat which are located North of Pattaya’s Central District area.
  2. From the Dusit Hotel travelling the entire length along Beach Road to Bali High Pier.
  3. From Bali High Pier travelling up Thappraya Road North to Pratumnak Hill & Cozy Beach.
  4. Thappraya Road South through to Jomtien.

Pattaya’s property development has seen rapid growth over the past few years with massive projects expanding into areas from Na Jomtien to locations South of Jomtien such as Ban Amphur and Bang Saray.

Frank Satar  believes  there are many important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a Condo for sale in Pattaya Thailand.

  1. Firstly there are many different projects that offer their own individual marketing points, so take your time and do an extensive search of the projects special features.
  2. Location; Beach Resort, Mountainside, Countryside or City should be taken into account.
  3. Parking, Public Transportation such as Bus Routes and the availability of Taxis is of upmost importance.
  4. Maintenance and Building Services & all the fees involved.
  5. Low Rise (eight storeys) versus High Rise Condominiums.

All the above are major factors in making your final decision so a thorough investigation should be undertaken.


Be aware as to what you can afford:

  1. Can you afford to Purchase outright
  2. The Sinking Fund as it is referred to is a one of payment paid by the original buyer.
  3. The Annual Maintenance Fund covers the day to day maintenance and includes staff costs.
  4. Electric and Water costs should be confirmed as many condos will increase the fee marginally to cover reading and billing costs.

Take your time as your decisions will reflect on your future and well being.


Condo for sale in Pattaya:

  1. With a condo the purchaser gets more locations to choose from. Many of the condominiums available in Pattaya come with beautiful sea views that one always dreams about.
  2. The security advantages of purchasing a condo in Pattaya seem to prove more reliable for many buyers as they have personal key entry to foyers and CCTV covering all floors and common grounds.
  3. Maintenance is covered in all areas including swimming pool and garbage disposal.

Houses (Villas) for sale in Pattaya:

  1. Purchasing a house your dollar goes a lot further; gardens, private pools, surrounding walls, personal parking and maybe an electric gate for the driveway as an option.
  2. Houses can be purchased in the locations stated above but a majority of the housing complexes are to the Eastern side of Sukhumvit Highway. There are also many beautiful house villa’s for sale in Silver lake and the lush surroundings.
  3. Housing complexes or Moo Bahns in Thai, are enclosed properties with security guards at the entrances with added monthly costs to support this service as well as a garbage collection service and the cleaning of the communal pool.
  4. A village based property or a single property is another very important decision you will have to make to suit you and/or your family’s requirements.
  5. A personal pool would be nice, with a single property/villa this is possible but maintenance issues are left to your own expense (relatively inexpensive in Thailand).
  6. If your decision is to purchase a villa off plan more options are available, such as construction materials and the finish design you are after.

OWNERSHIP -Houses and Condos:

We would like to advise you that the following necessary requirements are essential to purchasing your dream property in Thailand, “The Land Of Smiles”:

  1. Local Bank Account
  2. Professional Lawyer and/or agent
  3. Tor Tor 3; Documents obtained from the Land Department for buyers
  4. Financing & payment plans
  5. Thai Drivers Licence (ID) or valid passport



With the many increases to the costs of project developments, rising land prices and the increasing demand for higher wages, now is the time to make that property investment you have always dreamed about. Increases in all construction and manufacturing costs will continue to increase so don’t delay making that important decision.

Your FUTURE is in your hands. Make it our to guide you through to the next level.