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Satisfaction, Health and Love are still values that we all seek to attain. We can profit from the personal satisfaction in numerous nations throughout the world so one need to settle on that discriminating choice; “Would it be advisable for me to retire here or Should I Go?”

With retirement ages being pushed up in numerous nations individuals tend to need a great deal of courage  to begin their life in an exotic retirement haven such as  Thailand or any other similar nation. A large number of Americans will need to keep working past the age of 65 however not by decision, they essentially need to pay their bills.

Choices are in plenitude for the individuals who still wish to live abroad, however the key elements for most individuals are the average cost for basic items, great climate conditions, great spirit of the locals, traditions and society of the local people.

Frank Satar states  the result is to “Be overcome, abandon the past and head into your future. Now is the right time to explore your options and Live the Dream”!

Thailand Is The Best Option: WHY?

Well Thailand has a government with an efficient methodology towards issues which always gets the job done. Roadways, motorways and tollways have sprung up everywhere throughout the region connecting North to South and East to West for easy travel. Another International airport thats up there with the best in the world, many new residential developments that cater for everyone’s needs, significant world class  shopping plazas and complexes springing up everywhere throughout the nation, 4G web all around the nation, sky trains and trams for convenient travel around the city, also the many current schools and colleges.

What’s more the Thai individuals have cash in to use despite the false poor image given to Thai nationals internationally.

Frank Satar says, “Thailand is a thriving country with each one appreciating every last bit of its numerous present day extravagances & luxuries that a large portion of us have constantly underestimated”.


Efficient/ Less Expensive/ Internationally Schooled Medical Practitioners

These are simply a couple of the reasons outsiders are running to Thailand to experience surgery and operations of all kind.

With state of the world standard medicinal equipment and no holding up period its not difficult to see why Thailand has turned into the medical Mecca of the world.

Whether it is Plastic Surgery, Organ Surgery, for example, Heart, Kidney, Liver and so forth, Breast Augmentation and considerably Gender Transformations, Thailand is the spot.

Don’t be denied the restorative medication you are looking for, after all your wellbeing is the most essential thing and everybody ought to have the capacity to bear to be solid. What ever you need you can most probably find it in Thailand.


Make the t move that will improve your life for ever:

Most individuals are creatures of habit and get acclimated to their surroundings. Thailand is simple for any individual to climates to and you can enjoy every luxury of home that this excellent outlandish nation brings to the table and all in an exceptionally liberal culture.

Thailand is a nation of numerous distinctive qualities and fit for making everybody feel at home. You can encounter shopping centers with brand name stores from everywhere throughout the world. Restaurants with worldwide menus to fulfill any nationality yet most aim to get the conventional Thai food.

With a huge number of restaurants and road sellers Thai food is abundant as well as exceptionally hygienic and nutritious as Thais are clean and the majority of this at the most sensible of costs. You can even eat for as little as $2 per meal and still walk away with your senses very much satisfied and asking for more.

Cafes and international food chains have sprung up everywhere throughout the nation so what ever your taste bud wishes for  Thailand has. Coffee and bakeries are accessible in high-end espresso joints, for example, Starbucks or you can discover neighborhood cafes with less costly yet extraordinary quality local coffee that they have crisply developed.

Multi story shopping centers are in abundance and cater for the most meticulous of purchasers or in the event that you’d like to enjoy the local made products you will discover completely supplied commercial centers on pretty much every corner and they are open until late.

Most business locale in Thailand are open from 10am to 11pm so after you have reveled in a great rest in there’s still a lot of time for shopping.

For motion picture buffs never fear, Thailand has the most current multi story film buildings with the most recent films demonstrated before most Western nations.

Thailand’s development and growth in unbelievable and caters for all Westerners. One can feel exceptionally safe strolling the roads of Thailand as the country is known as  ”The Land of Smiles”

FRANK SATAR, CEO of Property & You Thailand offers a few reasons why Thailand is impossible to resist:

  • A blasting economy with an ease of living
  • Great & steady climate. 365 days of lovely, tropical climate
  • Spicy, fragrant, tasty Thai cooking
  • Amicable locals who always greet with a smile
  • A fast developing infrastructure
  • Competitive and very affordable health care &  insurance, top grade medical equipment & facilities
  • Generally low crime rate when compared to other parts of the world

Frank Satar: “Thailand is not alone, there are numerous different nations that can offer comparable enjoyable lives yet for general security, relaxation, energy, living standards and stimulations Thailand is a winner”. “Thais welcome all outsiders with a grin and open arms, something we could all gain from”.

Frank Satar:  ”The moment your plane touches the landing strip at Suvarnabhumi International Airport you are changed into an alternate state of psyche”. “The smell, the Thai customary greeting & respecting, the feeling of undertaking and sentiment all add to the energizing air that will encompass you and stay with you whilst you stay in this extraordinary  nation”.


Thailand is generally  a Buddhist nation however paying little attention to your religion or convictions you will be welcomed into their traditions and society with truly no hostility towards you or your family, different to numerous  modern countries where racism is at a high.

THAILAND, where MONEY goes a great deal further:

enjoy a prosperous lifestyle in a nation where the average cost for basic items drives your money a great deal further.

Extremely affordable commodities, for example, property, food, entertainment, gas, dining in restaurants and a lot more will have you living the life that you always dreamed off.


Yes, you can get dependent on Thailand  to give you a dream start to the rest of your life–

Those lucky enough to visit this genuinely extraordinary nation sadly encounter difficulties once returning home. They miss all the sensible characteristics Thailand brings to the table, in the same way as how inviting each one is, the social gauges where no one is an outsider and the openness in discussions and connections. Everything in Thailand appeares to be a great deal more than what us westerners are used to.

Despite the fact that Thailand can not be delegated shoddy you will soon recognize the distinction as Europe, Australia and America have ended up so excessively costly.

The intriguing, fast food that would fulfill the most exacting of palates will leave you longing for more and the neighborly administration that works out easily with all restaurants and road sellers much the same will abandon you needing to bear the cost of the staff a sensible tip.

Frank Satar accepts that those needing to make this move in life and migrate to Thailand ought to have confidence in themselves and have the strength to understand their dream. You really will get hooked t as Thailand is “Paradise on Earth”