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You can BUY and SELL property on and it's FREE

Sell your Property Directly and Save Money
on Real Estate Agents Fees

Tired of poor service from lazy or ineffective real estate agents? Are you capable of writing your own property details and taking photos of your house/condo/building/land for sale or rent? Then why not register, list your property and sell directly to the buyers, you'll save the commission fees and be in control of your own sale.

Private sellers and Real Estate Agents across Thailand can use this FREE service to list property for sale or rent. Adding your home, property, or real estate listings for sale or rent to couldn't be easier! Simply register and you can begin advertising to 10,000's of interested buyers immediately.

Find a Bargain Property Investment in Thailand

Are you interested to purchase a holiday home, a second overseas home, an investment (buy to let) property, building or development land, or even a business in Thailand? Now is an excellent time to buy so take advantage of the weak economy and make investments in Thai real estate. has a large selection of houses, villas, bungalows, condominiums, apartments, land and businesses for sale and rent, throughout Thailand. is the best place to find a house, a condo, building land or business and you can also sell a house, a condo, building land or business. This service applies to Private sellers and Real estate Agents through out Thailand.

How to get started

With a few simple steps you'll be ready to list your properties.

  • 1. Register your account.
  • 2. Fill in your seller/personal profile information.
  • 3. List your property and upload pictures.
  • 4. When an administrator have approved your listing you'll see it on-line.


  • Q: Why can't I save my profile?
  • A: Please make sure that you've filled in all 6 required fields marked with orange.
  • Q: Why can't I save my property listing?
  •     Please make sure that you've filled in all 10 required fields marked with orange.
  •     4 in 'Property Overview' and 6 in 'Sales Information'.
  • Q: Why can't I upload photos?
  • A: Please make sure that the photos are in the correct format(JPG or PNG) and do not exceed the max. allowed size and dimensions.
  •     If you still experience problems then try to make the photos smaller using e.g the program 'Paint'.
  •     You must save your details and information BEFORE you're able to upload a maximum of 8 photos.
  •     The 'upload' button will not appear until the details are saved. You'll find it in the bottom of the page. 
  • Q: I can't list a property.
  • A: You can list a property only after you've filled in and saved the seller/personal profile information.
  •     Following that you'll find the 'manage listings' button appear under 'account' in the upper right corner.
  • Q: Prices show wrong or there is an error!
  • A: Please do not use commas, dots or any other signs, use ONLY numbers. A CORRECT price of e.g. 1.5 million would be typed in like this;
  •     1500000
  •     All prices are automatically shown in Thai Baht.
  • Q: My property is both for sale and for rent. Which information should I fill out?
  • A: Please select both 'property categories' such as 'condo for sale' and 'condo for rent' (if it's a condo).
  •     But select only one 'transaction type', either 'for rent' or 'for sale' and fill in the price according to that.
  •     Your property will now show up in searches in both categories.
  •     In 'description' you can explain further and again show the price if needed. 
  • Q: I don't know the decimal coordinates.
  • A: You can leave this and the system will fill in default coordinates for the area you've choosen earlier.
  •     Your property will get a pin in the map on the first page(home page).
  • Q: I don't know what some of the fields are about.
  • A: Don't worry you can leave out all or any fields that are not required (marked with orange).
  • Tutorial - walkthrough   

Bulleted list regarding how to register and list properties;

-Register; fill in the fields or login using Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn/Twitter
-Then fill in the ‘Profile Information’; there are x6 required fields, you can leave out the rest but the more details you fill in the easier it will become to find you and your listing in searches (Google…)
-Save your profile and now you’ll see a new button appeared called ‘Manage Listings’ under ‘Account’ in the upper right corner.
-Now click ‘Add New Listing’; there are x10 required fields here.
X4 in ‘Property Overview’ and
X6 in ‘Sales Information’
The x10 fields;
-Country; Thailand (only option)
-State/Regional Area; Choose your province, but if your province is not yet in the system then please choose ‘other’ and then contact this webpages admin (‘Contact Us’) through email or phone.
Admin will now add your province to the system and correct your listing.
-City/town/suburb; Choose which part of your province your property if located in.
Again if yours is not there then choose ‘other’.
-Zip/Postcode; Fill in your post code and your property will get a pin in the map shown on the front page (Home).
This also relates to the field called ‘Enter Own Decimal Coordinates’ but you can leave that empty and the system will automatically fill in default coordinates for your postcode area.
Now go to the page called ‘Sales Information’ and fill in the remaining x6 required fields.
-‘Select Property Category’ Here you can choose more than one option. E.g. if your condo is both ‘for sale’ and ‘for rent’ then choose both options by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and mouse click both. They should both be highlighted in blue now.
-Transaction Type; Choose only one option here, either ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’. If you choose ‘for rent’ then also choose this in the ‘Rental Type’ field or you can leave this out. If you have chosen ‘for sale’ then definitely leave ‘Rental Type’ blank.
-Property Price/Rate/Peak Tariff; Simply fill in your sales price or rental price according what you choose above. Don’t use commas, dots or any signs or characters as the system will show the wrong price in error if you type in anything other than numbers.
The correct way to fill in the numbers for a property priced at 1.5 million Thai Baht would be like this 1500000
-Short Catchy Sales Phrase; This is the headline of your property description.
-Alias; This is the headline again but without using capital letters(search engine related. Google).
-Short Description; Fill in the most important details regarding your property. This is a short description that potential buyers will see next to one of your photos on the front page (Home).
When someone clicks on that photo they will be able to see your longer ‘Description’.
-Now save these details by clicking on ‘Send’ (green button). You’ll see an ‘Upload’ button appear at the bottom of the page. You can now upload 1-8 pictures. When done please save and you’ll see your property on-line.
-Now go to the front page (Home) where you’ll see your property. Please click on it and check if everything appears as it should.